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About Veronique Bourbeau

Veronique Bourbeau is an ultra-distance runner with a passion for humanity. She is driven to make a change in the world, to put right injustices and to create better lives for the most disadvantaged communities.
She credits her passion and her hyper resilience to a near-death experience she had at the age of just 12, when she drowned and was brought back to life. She realised that life now held nothing for her to fear, which allowed her to push herself to her full potential. 

Veronique took up running in her 30s as a mother, doing her masters degree, and full-time worker. Never one to do things by halves, her first race was a marathon – and she was hooked. Running was a sport at which she excelled, and soon marathons were not enough, and Veronique moved on to ultra-distance running. 

As a journalist by profession, Veronique had spent time in Senegal, where she was struck by the impact on communities of having no easy access to fresh, clean water. Very much aware of her own privilege, and the unfairness of having water filters when the communities around her didn’t, Veronique vowed to make a difference. Veronique put her humanitarian goals and her sport together and Run4Humanity was born.
With the creation of Run4Humanity, Vero has a new focus for her ultra-distance running – using it to change lives, one kilometre at a time. 

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About Run4Humanity

Over 2 billion people in the world live in areas with little or no access to clean and safe drinking water and the World Health Organisation estimates that over 800,000 die every year from diarrhoea caused by water-borne diseases. 

Run4Humanity aims to change this – through the medium of ultra distance running. 

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Veronique will run thousands of kilometres through remote communities devastated by lack of clean water. She’ll be supported by a team who will bring water filters, education on how and why to use them, and the means to a healthier future. 

Run4Humanity’s vision is to give three million of the world’s neediest people access to clean water.  We aim to eliminate the deaths caused by water-borne disease; to enable children to go to school instead of having to walk for miles to collect water; and to empower women to play a part in the economics of their communities.

Clean water transforms entire communities and changes lives. 


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