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Running for change

Run4Humanity’s transformational projects

Laying the groundwork

Cross Japan run – in 2016, Veronique ran the length of Japan, covering 3010km in 72 days – or in other words, one marathon a day for 72 days. 

Malaysia Coast to Coast - In 2019, Veronique competed in the Malaysia 444km C2C race with a time of 98.27h. She not only won the race, outright, but broke the event record


Australia 2024

Later in 2024 Veronique will raise awareness and bring water filters to remote communities with a run through the Australian outback. Her team of water filter experts will follow Veronique bringing life-changing water filters. 


Fiji 2024

Veronique will complete a short (!) 1500km run through remote communities in Fiji, who have no access to clean water. She will be accompanied by a team bringing water filters and education on how to use them. 


The Big One - Africa 2025

Veronique will run the entire length of the African continent, from Alexandria to Cape Town. She will travel through villages impacted by lack of clean water, with a support team who will deliver the filters. The 14,000 km route will cross 19 countries, and Veronique will become the first woman ever to run the length of Africa.
Veronique will be supported by an expedition director, medic, driver, cameraman/filmmaker and an assistant. 


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