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Changing the world
One kilometre at a time

Run4Humanity is a not-for-profit organisation that makes clean and safe water available to millions of people, through the medium of ultra-distance running. 

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Hear Vero share her inspirational message at your next conference or corporate meeting.  

Buy Veronique ’s book to help provide fresh, safe water. 


Over 2 billion people in the world live in areas with little or no access to clean and safe drinking water. Hundreds of thousands die, and women and children collect water instead of going to school or working.
Run4Humanity’s vision is to bring clean water to the world’s neediest people.

Founder Veronique Bourbeau will run thousands of kilometres through remote communities in Fiji, Australia and Africa, bringing water filters that transform communities, health and lives.

Run4Humanity’s transformational projects

Laying the groundwork - 2016-2019 
Vero established herself as an ultra runner with a 3010km run across Japan, and by winning almost all the ultra races in Asia and SE Asia, including 250km and 444 km races in Malaysia and a 250km race in Japan.  

Australia 2024
Veronique will raise awareness and bring water filters to remote communities with a run through the Australian outback. 

Fiji 2024

Veronique will bring water to needy communities in Fiji with a 1500km run through villages needing clean water

Africa 2025 
Veronique will run the entire length of the African continent, from Alexandria to Cape Town – a total of 14,000 km. She will bring water filters to villages impacted by lack of clean water and will make history as the first woman ever to run the length of Africa.  

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